MetPetDB: Database for Metamorphic Petrology

    Rock Types

      Amphibolite   Anatectite   Blueschist   Calc-silicate   Cataclasite   Cordierite-Anthophyllite   Eclogite   Garnetite   Glaucophanite   Gneiss   Granofels   Greenschist   Hornfels   Jadeitite   Marble   Metaarkose   Metabasite   Metacarbonate   Metagranite   Metagreywacke   Metaigneous   Metapelite   Metavolcanic   Migmatite   Mylonite   Phyllite   Pyroxenite   Quartzite   Schist   Serpentinite   Skarn   Slate

    Metamorphic Grade

      Amphibolite facies   Andalusite zone   Biotite zone   Blueschist facies   Chlorite zone   Eclogite facies   Epidote amphibolite facies   Garnet-cordierite zone   Garnet zone   Granulite facies   Greenschist facies   Hornfels facies   Kyanite zone   Migmatite zone   Prehnite-pumpellyite facies   Sillimanite-K feldspar zone   Sillimanite zone   Staurolite-kyanite zone   Staurolite zone   Ultra high pressure facies   Ultra high temperature facies   Zeolite facies


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